NEARLY two-thirds of Britons regret not recording wartime stories told to them by parents or grandparents, according to a poll.

Ahead of Remembrance Day, the poll reveals 64% of people had been told war anecdotes by their elders but only 8% had recorded them for future generations.

The survey of 2000 UK adults by OnePoll for autobiography service LifeBook UK found 62% of Britons regretted the missed opportunity.

It also revealed that the grandparents of today were often relied upon to help tackle a host of problems experienced by their grandchildren.

A total of 43% of people polled turned to their grandparents for help with university or school work, 42% over money worries and 40% for career advice.

Roy Moed, founder of LifeBook UK, said: "The centenary of the First World War is a reminder that we won't have the celebrated veterans of the Second World War forever, so we need to preserve these stories now, not just for our families to treasure but also to form an important document of social history."

Dr Lynda Shaw, director of successful ageing at Lifebook UK, said: "Remembrance Day is the perfect time of year to remember our veterans and the older members of our families and community, and everything they have done for us."