ED Miliband will today launch Labour's plan to "reset" Britain's energy market and seek to make more political capital from his popular plan to freeze gas and electricity bills for 20 months.

Having put the party on an election footing yesterday, the leader will put its Energy Green Paper at the heart of Labour's 2015 campaign. It will include proposals to:

l improve competition and transparency in the wholesale and retail markets;

l establish a new Energy Security Board to plan and deliver the capacity Britain needs;

l replace Ofgem with a new regulator with "real teeth to prevent overcharging".

Speaking in Manchester, Mr Miliband will claim Labour's plan will "make sure electricity and gas is affordable and available for the long term".

He will say that in the past three years it has become "clear to everyone but this government that the energy market is broken; prices are rising year on year without justification and Britain is not getting the investment in energy we need to secure supplies for the future".

Referring to the "Tell Sid" advertising campaign of 25 years ago when the industry was privatised, the Labour leader will say that he has a new message for Sid.

"We will freeze your bills for 20 months. We will reset the market with real competition and proper regulation so that prices are affordable."

Mr Miliband will say Lab-our's message will be: "We will stop you being ripped off."