DOMINIK Andrzeczak, 30, very much likes his adopted city.

He came to Glasgow from Warsaw in 2004 when he was 21, to work and to study, and has since set up a thriving business called Polbuilt, a construction company that is a one-stop-shop offering all kinds of building work, from bathroom and kitchen renovations to extensions and all types of plastering.

It employs Polish specialists among its staff and the idea behind it is that the expertise of the different tradesmen can be tailored to clients' requirements.

Mr Andrzeczak considers Scotland a good place to set up a business. He was at university in the United States for two years and then returned to Poland briefly before coming to Scotland. He worked as a waiter for 18 months to save money and then continued his studies in accountancy and finance at Strathclyde University.

When a business opportunity arose before he had started his honours year, he decided to give it a try. It involved going into partnership with a colleague but, two months later, Mr Andrzeczak decided to go it alone.

Polbuilt has grown in spite of the recession and now has around six jobs running at once.

A football player in his free time, Mr Andrzeczak would like to stay in Scotland. He says: "I would say Scottish people are welcoming, tolerant and liberal; they are open."