A MAN has been jailed for ­launching a vicious podcast vendetta against a young woman, in the latest in a series of cases involving online abuse.

Journalist Angela Haggerty's crime in the eyes of Rangers fan David Limond was to edit a book charting the financial demise of the Ibrox club.

In a rant on his Rangers Chat podcast - a show which could be downloaded from the internet - Limond, 41, of Ayr, refers to Miss Haggerty, who is presently with The Drum business magazine, as a "Provo c***".

Sentencing Limond to six months at Ayr Sheriff Court yesterday, Sheriff Scott Pattison told him: "In the social enquiry report you accept that the abuse you directed as Miss Haggerty was vile. It was not only vile, it was racist and religious."

The offensive podcast was played during a two-day trial last month. A section opens with the words: "Taig of the Day, Tim of the Day, Scum of the Day", to the tune of the BBC show Blankety Blank.

Limond is heard ­introducing Miss Haggerty as "Tim of the Day". After making the foul-mouthed Provo reference, he adds: "She has a balaclava. Her hair is a ginger balaclava hiding her face."

Miss Haggerty edited the book, Downfall - How Rangers FC Self Destructed", written by Irish-based Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.

He then refers to his victim as a "f***pig" and adds: "She's got to get bang, bang, bang."

Miss Haggerty said that over a short period of time she was bombarded with around 50 abusive tweets, and that the content of the podcast affected her both physically and mentally.

Miss Haggerty told the court she was shocked and felt threatened by what she heard. She said: "My heart began thumping and my arms and legs were shaking."

In a police interview Limond tried to defend the podcast saying it was intended to be "jokey", "parody" and "comedy"

Sheriff Pattison told him: "I reject your contention it was humorous."

Sheriff Pattison said the kind of behaviour displayed by Limond would not be tolerated from ­"whatever side of the religious divide."

Part of Limond's abuse was broadcast on Channel 4 News on October 24. He was arrested at his home at 7am on October 26.

After the trial he was convicted of a racially and religiously ­aggravated breach of the peace.

In addition to jailing Limond, Sheriff Pattison imposed a three-year non-harassment order preventing him from having any contact with Miss Haggerty.

Angela Haggerty tweeted to her followers yesterday: "Thanks to all for lovely comments today - I've been at work, didn't attend court, so been too busy to reply, but all read and appreciated."

Earlier this week, Christopher Hay, 22, a Rangers fan who posted a threatening message about Celtic manager Neil Lennon on Twitter was cleared of committing an offence. He was the first person to be charged under the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act in 2012.

Meanwhile, Michael Convery, who ­intimidated and shocked former Rangers players Maurice Edu and Kyle Bartley by sending racist tweets, was jailed for six months.