USERS of social media forums such as Twitter and Facebook are to be targeted by a new nationwide campaign which aims to tackle cyber crime.

It follows research which revealed some firms have not updated their security systems in more than a decade, leaving them exposed to online thieves and fraudsters.

People logging on to the internet at home and work are being warned to follow the simple basic steps to prevent against online fraud as part of the campaign.

The UK Government's Cyber Security Programme will be reminding people to ensure the security settings of their smartphones, computers and laptops are constantly updated, passwords are secure and company workers know their responsibilities in protecting confidential information.

It follows a survey that revealed some firms have not updated their security systems in more than a decade.

Gary Fairley, the cyber and digital lead for the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, said business and private users will be well equipped to deal with potential fraud if the precautions are taken.

He said "This is not just an IT problem. It is about people as well and small steps can make a big difference.

"Having out-of-date software protecting your business is the equivalent of leaving the house keys in the front door.

"Getting the basics right is the most important step and will protect businesses against the majority of known threats.

"This campaign aims to provide the information so that businesses can take pre-emptive action to ensure they are fully protected."

UK Security Minister James Brokenshire said: "The internet has radically changed the way we work and socialise. It has created a wealth of opportunities, but with these opportunities there are also threats.

"As a government we are taking the fight to cyber criminals wherever they are in the world."