A Super Puma helicopter with 14 people on board triggered an emergency response when it issued an alert.

The Aberdeen-bound aircraft was 45 miles south east of Sumburgh Airport in Shetland when an indicator light came on in the cockpit.
The airport, emergency services and lifeboat teams were put on stand-by when they were alerted by the pilot at 5.35pm, and the local coastguard helicopter was sent to accompany the aircraft.
The Super Puma was diverted to Sumburgh, where it landed safely around 20 minutes later. The emergency services were not required.
Operator CHC Helicopter stressed it was not an emergency incident and said those on board were being flown home tonight.
Shetland Coastguard said the aircraft had issued a "pan" call, which signals urgency rather than distress.
Spokesman Mike Smith said the coastguard helicopter based at Sumburgh, Rescue 102, was training in the area and was tasked with going direct to the helicopter. It then carried out a "passive escort", shadowing the Super Puma as it headed for the airport.
He continued: "Meanwhile, we tasked some coastguard teams from the area and alerted some lifeboats to be ready to proceed.
"However, we were informed the helicopter landed some 20 minutes later.
"We were alerted at 5.35pm and at 5.54pm it had landed at Sumburgh."
The lifeboats on stand-by were from Lerwick and Aith, while the coastguards teams involved were from Lerwick, Sumburgh and No Ness.
A spokeswoman for CHC Helicopter said normal procedures had been followed.
She said: "An aircraft was diverted to Sumburgh after an indicator light came on in the cockpit.
"The airport was notified as is normal procedure and the local services advised, although they were stood down a few minutes later.
"This wasn't an emergency incident.
"The aircraft will be inspected by engineers and the passengers will be flown home tonight."
A spokeswoman for airport operator Hial said: "There was a full emergency declared at Sumburgh Airport this afternoon for an in-bound helicopter. The emergency services were not required as the helicopter landed safely."