A SCOTS model who faced a barrage of criticism over her "anorexic" look has put on weight, and is re-launching her career as a size 8.

Former Airdrie Academy pupil Amanda Hendrick, now 24, was once the face of Topshop and modelled for Christian Dior in Milan.

However, she walked into the eye of the weight-loss controversy story three years ago when the ­Advertising Standards Agency received a complaint that pictures of her on the website Drop Dead Clothing looked anorexic.

The ASA banned the picture of the 5ft 10inch model and ruled the ­photograph of Ms Hendrick in "a stretched out pose and heavy eye make-up, in combination with hollows in her thighs and prominent thigh bones" made her look underweight and were 'socially irresponsible'.

Now Ms Hendrick admits she had to change her thinking on weight control.

"It wasn't until my ­relationship of four years [with rock star boyfriend Oli Sykes] broke down because of my issues that I really had to take a good, hard, look at my life," she said.

"It made me realise I had to make a positive change. When I realised that my whole life revolved around counting calories and I was just obsessing over stupid things all it time, it became really exhausting."

She added: "You have to educate yourself on how to be a healthy size in a sensible way and take proper care of yourself."

Now a UK size 8, Ms Hendrick says she follows a healthy vegan diet, has taken up meditation and is "the happiest I've ever been". She is now planning to move to New York.