THE pro-independence campaign has attracted a new and unexpected recruit:


Backed by academics, writers, green activists and left-wing politicians, a new "England for Scotland" group plans to argue the case for a Yes vote to people south of the Border.

In a riposte to David Cameron's appeal for those in the rest of the UK to phone a friend in Scotland and promote the Union, the group urges Scots to ignore him and take a once-in-a-lifetime chance to vote Yes.

In a letter to the Sunday Herald, it says the prospect of a future "beyond the oppressive and depressing Westminster political consensus is thrilling", adding: "We don't see or fear Scottish independence as separation, we look forward to it as a better way of living together."

Organiser Niki Seth-Smith said: "The media often don't know who to look for as an English voice that's pro-independence, so it will be useful to have a pool of members who are there to speak from that perspective."