A Nationalist MSP has referred herself to Holyrood's presiding officer to consider if she breached parliamentary rules over expenses amid allegations over her private life.

Joan McAlpine said she was "very confident" that there had been no breach.

But she referred the matter to presiding officer Tricia Marwick for her consideration after a newspaper published a report on the matter and her private life.

The Daily Mail reported Ms McAlpine had used cash from her MSP's allowance to pay a female photographer whose husband she was alleged to have had an affair with.

Ms McAlpine said she had "no comment whatsoever" to make about the allegations concerning her private life.

She later repaid the money, saying today she was "perfectly entitled" to finance the work herself.

Ms McAlpine said: "It is entirely permissible to hire photographers for producing work for constituency publications. Equally I was perfectly entitled to decide in October 2012 to finance the work undertaken myself.

"In light of today's press coverage I am referring myself to the presiding officer to consider whether any breach of rules has taken place. I am very confident this is not the case. I will respect the due process of Parliament and suggest everyone else does the same."

She added: "I have no comment whatsoever to make on the reported allegations about my personal life."

A spokesman for Ms McAlpine also said it was "entirely appropriate and within the Scottish Parliament's rules to use parliamentary funds for services such as this".

He added: "In this case, Ms McAlpine repaid the funds to the Parliament in October 2012 at her own instigation because she didn't feel the volume of work eventually produced warranted the public expense."