A SCOT will commemorate the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn by walking 1000 miles in the footsteps of Robert the Bruce.

Gregor Ewing, 42, will recreate the route taken by the Bruce as he reclaimed his kingdom of Scotland.

He will start his nine-week journey from Rathlin Island, Northern Ireland, on March 17.

Mr Ewing will catch a ferry to Kintyre, Argyll, and then trek an almost circular path around Scotland before ending at Bannockburn, near Stirling, the scene of Bruce's famous victory over the English in 1314. The Falkirk property manager and keen hillwalker will undertake the walk with his border collie, Meg. They will cover around 18 miles per day.

He said: "I will be following the route of Bruce's campaign of 1307-1308 to the north-east of Scotland before continuing on to other locations critical to King Robert's eventual victory.

"I have found out where and when he was in certain places, as well as planning my route to take it off-road as much as possible."

The anniversary is on June 24.