Not forgotten

THE Independent MSP for Lothian Margo MacDonald may be gone from Holyrood but she will never be forgotten.

When the MSPs' bar and restaurant, aka The White Heather Club, was closed in the evening to make way for money-spinning receptions it was replaced by another bar off the Garden Lobby.

The authorities called it the Queensberry Lounge, but it is universally and affectionately known as Margo's Bar and will ever be thus.

Play Misty

UKIP candidate David Coburn blasted cybernats as cyberNazis the other day. UKIP's Scottish chairman Misty Thackeray defended him by referring to cybernats as "bigoted bampots".

Mr Thackeray may be speaking from a position of intimate familiarity with bigotry and bampottery. It was, readers may recall, he who accused Glasgow City Council of operating for the benefit of "gays, Catholics and communists," said Catholicism was based on "fascist ideology" and complained of a "suffocating culture of anti-loyalism" as he criticised attempts to curb a demonstration by the Scottish Defence League. Pots and kettles spring to mind.

The veal deal

SCOTTISH Secretary Alistair Carmichael had a torrid time of it at the recent Scottish Lib-Dem conference in Aberdeen, when the row over an unnamed minister and a currency union broke.

Ensconced in a cosy Italian restaurant on Friday night, he was dragged into the street for a BBC interview which forced him to borrow a tie from his special adviser Euan Roddin.

Worse, a paper then printed he'd wolfed down a veal steak in said trattoria, a fact he'd hoped to conceal from his disapproving children.

Oh look, now we'd done it again. Oops.