A SCOTTISH Parliament with more powers but operating within the UK is the "settled will" of the Scottish people, the Better Together campaign has claimed on the back of a new poll.

According to a YouGov survey of 1148 Scottish adults, commissioned by the pro-UK campaign, 57% supported Scotland remaining within the UK with increased Holyrood powers while 35% backed independence.

The Scottish Liberal Democrats are part of a federalist party, offering many more powers for ­Edinburgh, Scottish Labour recently revealed it wanted more tax and welfare powers while the Scottish Conservatives are due to make their pitch next month with the expectation they too will propose more power-sharing.

Of late, the SNP, which insists a No vote would shut the door on further devolution with the prospect of another Tory government at Westminster, has highlighted how the polls have been narrowing with the momentum moving in the Yes camp's favour.

Recent polls, asking a straightforward Yes or No question, have shown a narrowing with the anti-independence lead being +15%, +7%, +5%, +5%, +10% and +5%.

The latest snapshot shows the No lead growing back to a much higher level, 22%, but only when the inclusion of more powers for Holyrood is included in the question.

Also what is notable about the YouGov poll is the low level of don't knows at 8%. Recent surveys have had the undecideds around 15%; at Christmas time they were around 30%. This suggests more people are making up their minds.