THERE are just 11 new Bills for the final year of the Lib-Con Coalition, the lowest number since the last year of the previous Labour Government; nine apply to Scotland. They are:

l Pensions Tax Bill Will allow people to access pensions as they see fit, enabling over-55s to withdraw savings as they wish. UKwide.

l Infrastructure Bill Aims to bolster investment in infrastructure. Will make it easier for fracking firms to operate in England. Backs Sir Ian Wood's review on maximising revenue from North Sea oil and gas. Partially applies to Scotland and England.

l Private Pensions Bill Will enable employees to pay into Dutch-style collective "defined ambition" workplace pension funds, encouraging greater risk but potentially increasing returns. Applies across Great Britain.

l Childcare Payments Bill Gives working parents help towards childcare worth up to £2,000 per child per year, launch autumn 2015. Applies across Great Britain.

l Modern Slavery Bill Will introduce enhanced protection and support for victims of human trafficking, as well as tougher penalties for perpetrators of it. England and Wales.

l Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill Offers extra legal protection for community heroes being sued for negligence if they acted heroically towards the protection of others or in public interest. England and Wales only as civil law is devolved in Scotland.

l Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Bill Aims to make it easier for small businesses to access finance. Will tackle minimum wage abuse and crack down on abuse of zero-hours contracts. Mainly applies in England and Wales with some provisions applicable to Scotland.

l National Insurance Contributions Bill Aims to simplify NICs for self-employed. Imposes new penalties on high-risk promoters of tax avoidance. Whole of UK.

l Services Complaints Bill Seeks to improve and strengthen the complaints system within the armed forces, creating new Service Complaints Ombudsman. UKwide.

l Serious Crime Bill Will criminalise parents who neglect their children emotionally as well as physically. Introduces tougher powers to seize assets of crime bosses, tackle cyber crime, illegal drug trade and written paedophilia. All provisions apply to England and Wales, some to Scotland.

l Recall of MPs Bill MPs can be sacked if they are sentenced to up to 12 months' jail but other cases of bad behaviour will only trigger a by-election if MPs decide there should be a recall petition. UK-wide.