A MOTHER has been awarded around £27,000 in compensation after she was sacked for being pregnant.

Patience Molokwu started working as a planning engineer for PD&MS Energy in July last year.

She discovered she was pregnant a few weeks later and booked a day off as annual leave for a scan.

Mrs Molokwu then attended an appointment with a midwife after suffering stomach pains.

She lost her job with the Aberdeen engineering firm soon afterwards which caused her "great distress".

The mum sought legal advice and took her claim to an employment tribunal and has now won her case against her former employer.

Judge Hosie ruled that she was unfairly dismissed by "reason of her pregnancy" and ordered the company to pay her compensation.

He said: "The effect on her was marked.

"There was understandable concern for the welfare of her unborn child.

"The respondent's behaviour seemed insensitive and indifferent."

PD&MS Energy plans to appeal the decision.