ANDY Murray has admitted he was upset when Alex Salmond waved a Saltire after his triumph in last year's Wimbledon mens' singles final.

Murray, who is preparing to defend his tennis title next month, said yesterday he found the SNP leader "perfectly nice" when he met him, but then added: "I didn't like it when he got the Scottish flag up at Wimbledon."

Mr Salmond had hidden the flag in his wife Moira's bag. The First Minister was sitting just behind David Cameron, in the Royal Box during the match. When he pulled out the flag and waved it behind the Prime Minister he was criticised for "photobombing".

Murray added: "I started competing for Great Britain when I was 11, a lot of people forget that."

Asked who he would compete for in the wake of a vote for independence he said: "I don't even know." Mr Salmond's spokesman urged the media to let Murray "get on with playing tennis".