Two new Scottish celebrities have fuelled the battle for independence on either side of the argument.

Belle & Sebastian frontman Stuart Murdoch says he has changed his mind as a result of the debate and now backs Scotland going it alone.

Meanwhile, actress Rose Leslie, who stars in the global TV series Game of Thrones and previously appeared in Downton Abbey, expresses direct opposition.

The Scottish musician - who was born in Ayr and lives in Glasgow - had previously backed the continued union, but he now thinks an independent Scotland would be for the best.

Murdoch, 45, said: "I used to be a real non-nationalist, I don't like nationalism as a thing in itself. And I was pretty much pro-union, because I don't like the idea of leaving people in the north of England to have a right-leaning Government forever more, which is what would possibly happen.

But he went on: "I must admit in the past year, since there's been this live debate, I've come off the fence and swung the other way.

"I just think it's time that Scotland became an independent country, for political reasons. We might actually show England the way.

"England seems to be a little bit lost - obsessed with immigration, obsessed with anti-European sentiment, all these negative things.

"Maybe it's just time to cast off and do our own thing."

Rose Leslie's comments are shorter but just as explicit. In a Q&A interview with Radio Times, she was asked: "Scottish independence, Yes or No?"

Her reply was: "No. Can we print that in big capital letters?"

Leslie, 27, who was born in Aberdeenshire and is the daughter of the chieftain of the Clan Leslie, plays Ygritte in the cult TV show.

It's not known if she has a vote in September but she has previously said: "I feel that Alex Salmond is blinded by his passion and can't quite see just how fantastic we have it at the moment."