FILMING has begun in Dundee for a new Scottish police drama featuring Game of Thrones star Dan Portman.

Cast and crew were at work at various locations across the city over the ­weekend, filming scenes for a pilot episode of The Job - a drama that examines the private lives of officers on the beat.

The series is the brainchild of actor and writer Adam McNamara, a former policeman who worked the streets of Dundee for seven years.

Despite comparisons to Glasgow's Taggart and Edinburgh's Rebus, ­McNamara claims The Job will concentrate on the effect working in the police has on the personal lives of officers.

He said: "It will be different to Taggart in the sense that we're not going to be entirely focusing on solving crime. We concentrate on the strain that the job brings to the personal lives of the officers and the pressure it can put them and their families under."

Actors Laura McMonagle, of River City, and Richard Rankin, of The Crimson Fields, appear alongside Portman, who says his role as a criminal is a big change from his Podrick Payne character in Game Of Thrones. He said: "I am really enjoying this. It's much more up-to-date and a completely different concept."