A group of student vets has opened a new charity clinic offering free health care for dogs belonging to homeless people.

The Trusty Paws clinic, which opened today, provides free vaccinations, flea and worming treatments and microchips for pets.

Run by fourth-year students at the University of Glasgow's School of Veterinary Medicine, it will also distribute food, clothing and bedding for animals and their owners at monthly drop-in sessions.

Trusty Paws was established when the students discovered that there are no "dog-friendly" hostels in Glasgow.

The monthly sessions are being held with the Glasgow Simon Community homelessness charity at its centre in Ballater Street.

The clinic is run through fundraising and donations. The students hope it will be seen as a friendly environment for homeless people providing food, drink and someone to talk to.

Ruby Shorrock, president and founder of the clinic, said: "Glasgow is in desperate need of a project like this as there is very little support for homeless people with dogs. There are no dog-friendly hostels at all in the city.

"The clinic will provide much-needed preventative care for the dogs and general aid to them both.

"It will also be a friendly environment for the people where they can get a warm drink, a sandwich and a friendly chat.

"The clinic will rely solely on fundraising. We will also fundraise for any dogs with major health problems so that they can be treated and be more comfortable on the streets."

Similar schemes are run across the rest of the UK and inspired the group to start working in Glasgow.

"To many of these people their dogs are the only things willing to love them unconditionally," Ms Shorrock added.

"They provide much-needed company and are very special to their owners.

"Preventing the dogs from catching nasty diseases and parasites is an easy way to make sure their lives are comfortable."