SCOTLAND may have voted to remain part of the UK, but six surfers are riding off on their own wave just weeks after the independence referendum.

The team are to take part in the sport's world championships for ­Scotland after breaking away from Team GB.

They will represent the nation at the International Surf Association World Surfing Games in Peru this ­weekend.

It is the first time in almost 20 years a standalone Scots team has competed at international level.

The wave riders from Fraserburgh, Thurso, Elgin, Edinburgh and St Andrews were selected at the Scottish National Surfing Championships in Thurso in March. The team have been kitted out by Edinburgh-based firm Staunch Industries.

Team member Mark Boyd said: "We are all really excited about going to represent Scotland on the world stage - it's a great thing for Scottish surfing to be competing at an international level.

"Being on the world stage will help raise the profile and push up the standard of surfing in Scotland for years to come."