The SNP says its success in the Oban and North Lorn by-election reflects a huge surge in support for the party following the indyref.

SNP Councillor Iain MacLean won the by-election for the ward of Argyll and Bute Council, the first vote to be held in Scotland since the indyref, after receiving 40.9% of the vote, a 16.3% boost on its total in the previous by-election held on July 17 2014.

Labour and Conservative both scored a lower vote share, down 1.9% and 2.8% respectively, and the Liberal Democrats did not field a candidate.

The by-election was called following the death of independent Councillor John MacGregor.

Michael Russell MSP said: "This is a tremendous result and I'm delighted for Councillor Iain MacLean; I have no doubt that he will serve all the people of Oban North and Lorn with dedication.

"Significantly this by-election - which is the first since the referendum - mirrors the very positive polling on party ratings since the referendum.

"The victory here in Oban North and Lorn reflects a wider surge in support for the SNP as more and more people have come to realise that the SNP is the only major party that will represent all the people of Scotland, hold the Westminster government to account, by ensuring that Scotland is given the extensive new powers we were promised two days before the referendum.

"The Westminster parties were all losers last night, with a drop in support for Labour and Tory, and the Lib Dems not even bothering to field a candidate in a constituency where they have a sitting MP."