A clear majority of Scots want to stay in the European Union while most people in Britain want to leave, a poll suggests.

Some 57% of people in Scotland would vote to stay in in the EU if a referendum were held, compared with 37% of people across the UK, a YouGov poll found.

Just 28% of people in Scotland want to leave compared with 47% across the UK.

First minister-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon said the results reinforce her demand for an EU exit to require the assent of all of the nations of the UK, rather than a simple UK majority.

But the poll also shows that the Wales/Midlands area may be the most eurosceptic with support of the EU running at just a third, compared with almost half who want to leave.

Ms Sturgeon has not ruled out holding another Scottish independence referendum, particularly if Scotland is at risk of being withdrawn from the EU against its will.

"If another referendum happens will not be dictated by politicians - it will be down to the will of the Scottish people," she told Sky News's Murnaghan programme.

When asked if an EU exit would precipitate another independence referendum, Ms Sturgeon said: "I think if that scenario was to unfold there would be significant disquiet and concern within Scotland because it would be disastrous for our economic interests to be outside of the EU.

"Europe needs reform and change, it's not perfect, but our interests are best served within it and for us to be taken out against our will would be democratically indefensible.

"I put forward this week what I think is a democratic fair proposition.

"If you wind back to the referendum campaign, we had Westminster politicians queuing up to say the UK was a family of nations, a partnership of equals, Gordon Brown even said if we voted no we would be as close to a federal state as it is possible to get.

"What I am suggesting is if there is an in/out EU referendum, as I now think is inevitable, then for the UK to come out of the EU it would require not just a vote for that across the UK but a vote for that in each of the constituent nations of the UK.

"That to me would be the kind of federal solution that Gordon Brown appeared to be promising, and it would be a protection against any of the equal members of the family of nations being taken out of Europe against our will."

YouGov surveyed 1808 adults across Great Britain with 157 in Scotland on October 30-