A SEQUEL to Trainspotting is being planned to be released in 2016, 20 years after the original.

Key players from the original movie, which starred Ewan McGregor, Robert Carlyle, Ewan Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller and Kevin McKidd, have held "summit" meetings in Edinburgh to plot the progress of the sequel.

It has been reported that the director of Trainspotting, Danny Boyle, and McGregor are now on better terms after falling out over the casting of his movie The Beach in 2000.

Irvine Welsh, the Edinburgh writer of the novel that inspired the movie, said: "I know Danny and Ewan are back in touch with each other again.

"There are others in the cast who've had a rocky road, but now also reconciled.

"They've all been building bridges."

He added: "With the ­Trainspotting sequel the attention is going to be even more intense this time round because the first was such a great movie - and Danny's such a colossus now.

"When it comes out it's going to be the big movie talking point of the year.

"We're all protective of the Trainspotting legacy and we want to make a film that adds to that legacy and doesn't take away from it."