A young rifleman who was obsessed with far-right politics has been jailed for two years for making a viable nail bomb packed with deadly shrapnel in his bedroom.

Soldier Ryan McGee's home-made device contained 181 metal screws and bits of glass designed to maximise wounding capability.

Police found the bomb when they raided his three-bedroom family home in Eccles, near Manchester, last November.

The court heard that he was interested in the English Defence League but was not a member. He had watched a horrific video of men being bound and executed under a swastika flag. The 20-year-old loner previously admitted making the nail bomb.

Jailing him, Recorder of London Brian Barker said: "Any explosive device in the wrong hands could cause untold misery to anyone on the receiving end."

He sentenced him to 12 and 24 months jail, to run concurrently.