A businesswoman who says her eyes were damaged by laser treatment and the boss of a firm specialising in eye surgery are embroiled in litigation.

Sasha Rodoy, who campaigns for better regulation of eye surgery, and Optimax founder Russell Ambrose have sued each other and are fighting in Central London County Court.

Ms Rodoy, 61, of Muswell Hill, north London, says Mr Ambrose breached an agreement to pay for corrective treatment after her eyes were damaged as a result of Optimax laser surgery four years ago.

She is claiming damages of nearly £3,500.

Mr Ambrose wants an order preventing Ms Rodoy from behaving in a way "which amounts to harassment" and damages of up to £100,000 for loss of business.

Both dispute each other's claims.

Detail of the dispute was outlined at a preliminary court hearing and a trial is expected to take place later this year.