YOUNG pianist Ethan Loch's virtuoso performance has helped him win a major award at the Glasgow Music Festival on the first time of asking.


The 10-year-old, who was born completely blind, came joint third in the Piano Sonata class despite being the youngest competitor.

Ethan, from a musical family based in Dennyloanhead, near Falkirk, will also compete in the accordion competition next week.

Mum Larinda said: "Ethan does everything by ear. He has been playing piano since he was aged four, has a perfect pitch and within a day or two of first hearing a tune he has learned them.

"This was his first competition."

Held annually since 1911, the Glasgow Music Festival is a celebration of music, speech, drama and dance. Each year around 7000 performers take part in the two week festival which opens on the first Saturday in March. The Festival will run until 21 March 2015 with events for groups of almost any size and description, in addition to an extensive programme for solo performance.