The flight of Bonnie Prince Charlie after the Battle of Culloden marks one of the best-known and most romanticised episodes in Scotland's history.

Charles Edward Stuart, who was also known as the 'Young Pretender', led the Jacobite army at the Battle of Culloden against the government Hanoverian forces in 1746, led by the Duke of Cumberland. It was the last pitched battle to be fought on British soil and the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite rising.

Tactical errors by Charles Edward Stuart and his soldiers relying on swords and daggers against the might of Hanoverian cannon and guns resulted in a bloody defeat for the Jacobites.

Following the defeat, Bonnie Prince Charlie escaped the battlefield famously fled "over the sea to Skye", dressed as an Irish maid and with the help of supporters including Jacobite heroine Flora Macdonald.

Despite a bounty being placed on his head, he evaded capture by the government soldiers and managed to escape to France, where he lived out his life in exile.

His flight after the battle, which will be the subject of The Great Getaway, has been immortalised in folk song, The Skye Boat Song.