A rally organised by a pro-independence group linked to Tommy Sheridan pushed ahead with an event in Glasgow yesterday without having the permission of the local authority.

Glasgow City Council declined to approve the Hope Over Fear (HOF) gathering in George Street after a split in the group led to two separate applications being made for the same event.

The split was triggered after equality campaigners DisLabeled distanced itself from HOF amid concerns the latter group had become a front for Sheridan's Solidarity party.

Over 1000 HOF supporters gathered in George Square for a 'Seize the Day' event that included on-stage music, singing and political speeches.

Sheridan, who was jailed for perjury in 2010, used the event to support the idea of voters lending their vote to the SNP at next month's general elections.

However, a council spokesman told this newspaper: "The Council did not give permission for this event, or anything associated with the event."

An email from a council official to a figure who had been working on 'Seize the Day' revealed that multiple approaches to the local authority for use of the iconic site had caused confusion:

"This Service has received another request for permission for the same day for what appears to be the same event representing the same organisation."

Not only is permission required to use George Square, but the council also needs assurances regarding public liability insurance.

It is understood the council informed the operators about the lack of consent, but the event went ahead regardless.

A dispute between DisLabeled and Sheridan's allies on HOF is believed to be a key source of the internal division.

An email from earlier this month reveals that DisLabeled cut its ties with John Park, a Sheridan ally and HOF executive member.

HOF also informed senior DisLabeled member Marti Golden that the group could no longer work with him:

"It has been decided and voted on, in accordance with the constitution, by the executive committee that we can no longer work with you under any capacity as we do not feel comfortable with you due to your unreasonable behaviour. This means you will no longer be needed to attend any meetings or do any further work with or on behalf of Hope over Fear. This will take affect immediately."

A DisLabeled insider said figures close to Sheridan had "used" the protest group and undermined it.

"Hope Over Fear is nothing more than a front for Solidarity. They are trying to recruit party members and it has become the Tommy Sheridan roadshow," one said.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser: "Political parties and campaign groups comply with the rules for staging events, so there is no reason why this Tommy Sheridan front group should be any different. I hope the SNP will quickly distance themselves from Hope Over Fear, whose members are backing an SNP vote next month."

A HOF organiser did not return the Sunday Herald's call or respond to a text.