AS the number of pet dogs increases year on year, it is becoming clear the traditional "one size fits all" doggy diet is no longer acceptable.

Now the pets are following in their owners' footsteps with individualised dog diets becoming the norm as rates of intolerance and allergies to wheat, dairy and gluten continue to rise.

So it was only a matter of time until somebody cooked up the idea of making posh dog food to match individual needs and lifestyles, and have it delivered to their owners' door.

Young entrepreneur Kevin Ross, of Linlithgow, last year launched Growling Tums, a range of individualised dog meals that use natural, locally sourced, human quality ingredients such as duck and potato, chicken and rice, salmon and potato, lamb and rice. Each menu is created for smaller or larger breeds, puppies and older dogs.

Spurred on by his success, he has now launched a Gourmet range of salmon and trout with asparagus and sweet potato, pork and apple with sweet potato, turkey and cranberry with sweet potato, and lamb and mint with sweet potato and peas.

"Research showed a gap in the market for a high-quality grain-free dog food that uses all natural ingredients at an affordable price delivered to your door," said Mr Ross, who has spent the last five years specialising in online sales for the horticultural and pets industry.

"Our foods are designed to help dogs stay healthy, happy with a balanced diet at the same price as lower quality foods.

"Each flavour is hypoallergenic, natural and without artificial ingredients or additives, and are composed using quality British farm produce."

Growling Tums offers tailor-made dog food for pets who suffer from these conditions as well as colitis and pancreatitis. Diets can be tailored to suit the dog who needs to lose weight, reduce its food fussiness, remedy runny stools, and enhance its coat condition. Protein is provided in the form of chicken, duck, lamb, salmon and white fish; carbohydrates with rice and potato.

Natural dog food diets can be expensive. Growling Tums only sell directly through their own website keeping prices to a minimum and their products are generally 20 per cent less than comparable natural dog food brands.

Feedback appears to be positive, with one customer saying her dog was "thriving" on his dinners of salmon and potato, which she credited with improving the tear stains around his eyes.

Other recent upscale dog food launches include the Edinburgh start-up company Barking Rad which offers a monthly delivery box scheme of such treats as dog beer (chicken or beef flavoured water) and doughnuts (tiny natural biscuits decorated with dog-friendly icing and sprinkles). invites owners to key in their dog's details so they can formulate food tailored to its specific needs for each stage of its life.