THE WORLD-RENOWNED Mackintosh Library at the Glasgow School of Art which was gutted in last year's devastating fire has been recreated in a specially-commissioned scale model.

The replica has been created by School of Art product design graduate Franki Finch founder and proprietor of Glasgow-based specialist architectural and exhibition model makers, Finch and Fouracre.

It will now be the focus for part of the School of Art's popular Mackintosh tours.

Earlier this month Glasgow-based Page\Park was named as the design team which will lead the restoration of the Mackintosh Building, designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

The 60cm x 60cm x 45cm model, which is placed on a three-foot high plinth, took over three months to create as most of the work was done by hand.

Juliet Fellows-Smith, tour interpretation and programme manager at the GSA said: "There is a huge interest in Mackintosh and his masterpiece, the Glasgow School of Art.

"Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the building currently, but with this beautiful model we will be able to illustrate Mackintosh's creative genius as demonstrated in the design of the library."

To ensure the greatest accuracy Ms Finch referenced hundreds of photographs of the library and crucially had access to a comprehensive set of drawings of the Mackintosh Building which include accurate measurements for every single room.

They were created by Paul Clarke, now based at the University of Ulster, when he was at the GSA's Mackintosh School of Architecture. Mr Clarke is part of the Page\Park design team.

"I was able to use the detailed documentation of the library as a key part of my research," she said.

David Page, head of architecture at Page\Park recently said the final look of the library was yet to be decided, and would only be constructed after discussions with the school.

Work is expected to start on the actual building in spring 2016 with the "aspiration" that there will be academic access from 2017-8.