Scottish businesswoman Michelle Mone has said in the SNP's Scotland free speech is "crushed" and "enterprise is despised", and she called the party's MPs "muppets"

The millionaire said she has chosen to quit Scotland and run her business from London because: "the SNP's Scotland is becoming a place consumed by hatred and ill will, a place where free speech is gradually being crushed and enterprise is despised."

The creator of the Ultimo underwear brand added: "It is no wonder, then, that I no longer wish to live in Scotland - and have moved away from the place I've called home for 43 years."

Discussing her move, Michelle also had some strong words for the 56 nationalist MPs elected to Westminster calling them "muppets".

It was a word she used to describe those who abused her on social media after she came out in favour of Scotland remaining within the United Kingdom before the independence referendum.

Michelle said: "I called them 'SNP muppets' and I still stand by it.

"The official definition in the dictionary of a 'muppet' is a 'person who is ignorant and generally has no idea about anything.'

"My 'muppets' reference also applies to the 56 new Nationalist MPs who have vowed to shake up the House of Commons in the 'interests of Scotland'.

"All they have done so far is whip up more animosity between two great nations who have stood together as strong neighbours for hundreds of years.

"I am extremely passionate about Scotland too, but, in my opinion these new MPs are acting more like school kids who suddenly find themselves at university.

"We should all be allowed to give our opinion, and that's a healthy way to be.

"But the SNP does not represent the whole of Scotland and our brothers and sisters in other parts of the UK need to remember that."

Michelle also hit out at the SNP's attitude to wealth, claiming they are unsupportive of people with money.

And she said she feared for Scotland's economy if the SNP did not change.

She said: "The SNP's attitude is if you've got money, that's unaccpetable.

"You should be struggling like everyone else."

Michelle added: "What's wrong with having the determination to change your life for the better?"

And the businesswoman gave Scotland's ruling party some advice for the future.

Michelle said: "My advice to the SNP would be: Yes, you can be passionate about Scotland, but change the way you are doing things, otherwise I fear what will happen to our economy and our people."

An SNP spokesperson said: "The SNP has made it repeatedly clear that there is absolutely no place in Scottish public life for online abuse directed at anyone."