A SCULPTURE of a looming figure that rises from the waves to stand nearly three metres tall has been returned to its Lochside home.

The statue, by artist Rob Mullholland, was installed on the bank of Loch Earn at St Fillans in Perth and Kinross last year but had to be taken down after being battered by 110 mph winds and high tides during the winter.

Titled 'Still', the distinctive artwork is made from hundreds of mirrored tiles and is known locally as Mirror Man. It was funded by the Four Seasons Hotel, and can be found in the East corner of Loch Earn, by the A85.

Hotel owner Andrew Low said: "We are all delighted to see 'Still' back in the water, we have missed his presence over the last couple of months and hope that he will remain here for a number of years.

"We would like to thank Rob for firstly creating such a beautiful sculpture and, secondly, taking so much care to repair him after the extreme weather we experienced at the start of the year."