Cuts to Scotland's budget for this year are "completely and utterly unacceptable", the Deputy First Minister has said.

John Swinney attacked the Chancellor's announcement of further efficiency savings despite Scotland's spending plans having already been set by the Scottish Parliament.

Speaking at Westminster, George Osborne revealed a further £3 billion of savings within Whitehall will be expected this year.

The move will cut up to £170 million from Scotland's budget, the Scottish Government has said.

Speaking ahead of a meeting with Mr Osborne on Monday, Mr Swinney said there had been no prior discussion with the Scottish Government over the cuts.

This demonstrates that post-election warnings that the UK Government could not conduct "business as usual" with Scotland appear not to have been heeded, he said.

"The Scottish Parliament has already agreed our budget for this year and that should be respected, not slashed as part of George Osborne and David Cameron's ideological obsession with austerity," Mr Swinney said.

"The people of Scotland made perfectly clear in the recent UK election that they rejected the Tories' plans for more and harsher cuts yet the UK Government is planning to inflict £170 million of even deeper austerity on Scotland this year.

"Scotland has already seen our overall budget cut by 9% and our capital budget cut by 25% since 2010.

"Further cuts risk more damage to public services and will hold back economic growth, as underlined in the latest report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)."

He added: "The First Minister will be writing to all parties in the Scottish Parliament, urging them to stand firm against these cuts and I will be meeting the Chancellor on Monday to put forward an alternative to austerity."

The UK Government has committed itself to clearing the deficit by 2018/19.

Mr Osborne must find a further £30 billion of savings over the next three years, including £12 billion from welfare spending and £13 billion from government departments.

He told MPs: ''We set out two weeks ago that we were going to find further efficiencies and savings in Government. That is what we deliver today.

''Further savings in departments this year, selling our stake in the Royal Mail, getting on with what we promised, reducing the deficit, that is how you deliver lasting economic security for working people.

''As everyone knows, when it comes to living within your means, the sooner you start the smoother the ride."

A UK Government spokesman added: "The UK Government decision to protect spending on the NHS and schools also protects the Scottish Government's overall budget.

"Sharing resources and risks across the UK is a much better idea than full fiscal autonomy that would cost Scotland £10 billion a year."