A West of Scotland firm says it is reaping the benefits of fantasy blockbuster Game of Thrones.

Lanarkshire mead producer Beehive Brae reported a 42% increase in sales last year.

And the company has attributed the rise in sales to the popular TV drama.

The firm uses locally sourced honey to produce Mead and Honey Beer, which has already picked up Best Product at this year's Scotland's Speciality Food Show.

Mike Lees, chairman of Beehive Brae Chairman said: "We're struggling to keep up with the demand for both our mead and Honey Beer products.

"A drink that was once considered the poor relation to beer, wine and spirits is now finding a new audience.

"Game of Thrones and similar fantasy dramas such as Vikings and Outlander are helping to introduce mead to a new hipster audience of trendy twenty and thirty-somethings.

"In America, the same young people attracted to the craft beer market are also sampling mead and that's what we hope to recreate here, with ethical shoppers also attracted to our honey beer."

Mead, which is a combination of honey, water and yeast dates back around 11,000 years in China and nearly 5,000 in Europe.

The recipe is fermented until it reaches about 14% proof.

The rising cost of honey forced medieval drinkers to seek alternatives to mead and the drink's popularity waned.

Beehive Brae's unique mead products are proving so popular that they are looking to expand the business using crowdfunding.