THE SNP is on course for another majority victory in next year's Holyrood election according to the latest opinion poll.

A Survation poll put the party on 56% support, even higher than the 50% of the vote Nicola Sturgeon's party won in the General Election.

Labour trailed well behind on the constituency vote, on 20% and on 19% for the regional list vote.

If translated into seats the SNP would increase its MSPs to 71, up two from its historic 2011 majority victory.

Labour would end up with its worst ever Holyrood showing down to just 24 MSPs.

The Greens 11% on the regional vote would give them a record 12 MSPs while the Conservatives would drop one and LibDems gain two MSPs. The poll also suggests Ukip would gain its first MSP.

Alison Johnstone, Scottish Green MSP for Lothians, said:"With our surging, enthusiastic membership and great candidates in place we are determined to deliver our best ever result at Holyrood. Polling isn't a prediction but given the consistent numbers we're seeing, there's a clear opportunity to elect many more Green MSPs to represent Scotland's communities.

The poll however, also showed that despite unprecedented SNP support a majority are still against independence.

It found 47% would vote no compared with 43% for yes. If the 10% undecideds are removed there is still 52% to 48% in favour of remaining in the union.