Britain needs to retake full control of its borders otherwise it will become "powerless to determine its own destiny", ministers have been warned.

Former shadow Home Office minister Andrew Rosindell has proposed legislation which will repeal all laws that prevent the UK from asserting authority over its borders, in a direct challenge to the European Union.

The Conservative MP for Romford said voters have never given the go-ahead for "open borders" as he insisted they want the Government to be responsible for guarding "land, sea, air and the Channel Tunnel" frontiers.

Mr Rosindell added immigration can be a "good thing for Britain" but only if controlled properly through a managed system which aims to "serve our national interest" and ensure security.

Moving his Borders (Control and Sovereignty) Bill, which received cross-party support, Mr Rosindell said: "I have to tell the House that the clamour of the British people for such an approach is greater now than at any time before and no Government can ignore it."

He went on: "A nation that does not retain sovereignty over its national borders will ultimately be powerless to determine its own destiny."

Mr Rosindell said his proposals would allow the government of the day to implement its policy on immigration.

He said this may involve allowing free movement across the EU member states to continue, for it to be extended to other countries or for new restrictions to be implemented which limit the number of people entering the UK.

Mr Rosindell added: "Through our ever-closer integration with the European Union, I fear we have lost sight of our place in the world as a global trading nation, neglecting our close ties with the English-speaking world and the Commonwealth, and instead aligning ourselves most closely with the one region of the world where economic growth is now stagnating."

He asked for his Bill to be given a second reading on January 22, 2016, although it is unlikely to become law due to a lack of parliamentary time.