POLICE have been contacted over claims by a far-right group that it is to stage a white supremacist event within a Scottish further education college.

The group calling itself the Scottish Nationalist Social Party has advertised its "sell-out" No To Diversity event at Glasgow's Cardonald College.

Named frontman for the neo-Nazis, Alexander Agnew, said on publicity for the meeting that it would "give local people the chance to challenge the city's forced multiculturalism of our neighbourhood".

It also bills itself as raising questions around the "native white population when diversity is forced upon them without any request" and the "dangers of mixed towns and neighbourhoods when the population is forced to accept different cultures who don't want to integrate themselves".


HeraldScotland: Details posted on promotions site Eventbrite locate the meeting at the college's Cardonald campus on the south west of the city.

But concerned college bosses have been forced to deny the meeting is being staged in its premises, with an email circulated to all staff within the newly-created Glasgow Clyde College network.

Students have also been contacted by their own representatives, while Police Scotland has been informed.

In the email to all staff, the college said: "We are aware of a ‘Scottish Nationalist Social Party – No To Diversity’ event this Saturday night being advertised on Eventbrite using our Cardonald campus postcode, therefore suggesting it is taking place on Glasgow Clyde College premises.

"There is no such event taking place at Glasgow Clyde College. The building will be closed as per normal on a Saturday night and the car park will be locked. Our GCCSA President is emailing all students to reassure them that the College has nothing to do with this event. No booking would ever be taken by the College for an event of this nature.

"Eventbrite has been contacted to remove the reference to Cardonald campus from the event listing. Police Scotland has been informed about the supposed event and the hateful content of the organiser’s social media accounts. "They’ve been asked to patrol the area on Saturday evening, should any attempt be made to gain access to the campus."

Glasgow South West MP Chris Stephen said: "Our community's diversity is its greatest strength, as we saw only last week, when a community group brought members of the community together to raise £60,000 for a local food bank, at the Central Mosque. There is no place in Glasgow South West for fascism or racism.

"The event proposed is wholly inappropriate, totally unwelcome and I am pleased the College will not host it, or have any part of it, and the trade unions and the student community have once again led the way in their opposition.

The real message from our communities is a simple one. No to Nazis - Yes to Diversity."

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Clyde College said: “Glasgow Clyde College is committed to equality and diversity.

"As soon as Glasgow Clyde College became aware of a false listing on the Eventbrite website indicating that an event entitled No2Diversity is due to take place at the college’s Cardonald Campus on Saturday, November 7, it took immediate action to notify Eventbrite about this inaccurate listing. We can confirm that no such event is taking place at the college this weekend.

“Glasgow Clyde College is committed to promoting equality and inclusion for all and, as a result, would never take a booking for an event of this nature.”

The Herald has attempted to contact the Scottish Nationalist Socialist Party via Mr Agnew but it has yet to respond.