Residents in national park unhappy with plans for a building they say is a “monstrosity” have claimed their complaints have been dismissed by the authority.

Homeowners in the picturesque village of Carrick Castle say their fears over plans for a new multi-purpose hunting lodge have been ignored by Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park authority.

The plans have generated more than 20 letters of complaint from concerned residents, who believe the proposed building is out of keeping with the area and will dominate their village.

Local MSP Michael Russell has also written to the authority, expressing his concerns over the plans on behalf of his constituents.

Key concerns include the proximity of the new building to existing residents’ properties, the effect on roads and local services and the possible presence of firearms in the village, due to the nature of the building.

David Long, 71, who has lived in Carrick Castle for the past 15 years, said: “The planned building is a monstrosity, which we have been fighting since April.

“It is a multi-purpose building, which will apparently be used as a hunting lodge, but it’s just a project to be make someone money.

“Carrick Castle is a small village along the shore of Loch Goil and the building will overlook us all. The site's owner, Pelham Olive from London, never talked to the village. This guy is going to absolutely wreck the place.

“We will have to suffer it once it is built and there is no telling what it is going to be used for once it is up. Once the decision is made on Monday we will have no powers to appeal it.”

“The whole thing has been very badly handled by the park. The authority seems to be answerable to no one,” he added.

Stuart Mearns, head of planning and rural development at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park said: “We’re surprised to hear that residents feel their views have not been taken into account.

“Representatives for the residents’ group had an opportunity to speak at the October meeting of our planning and access committee and the committee unanimously agreed to continue the application to conduct a site visit.

“The final decision rests with the committee based on careful consideration of all the arguments and the site visit on Monday.”