A POLICE probe has been launched into the finances of a high-profile independence campaign group.

Detectives were called in by Women for Independence after donations worth tens of thousands of pounds went missing.

Today the organisation confirmed cash was unaccounted for and the issue has been reported to police.

A statement read: "Women for Independence have, for several weeks now, been examining the finances of the organisation, after our senior support staff raised concerns in late summer.

"We have identified an apparent discrepancy between our income (via donations) and the expenditure which we currently have evidence of.

"Because of the potential seriousness of this issue, the National Committee of WFI decided that the right thing to do was to pass this matter to the police.

"The discrepancies occurred during the period from 2014 through to our formal constitution as an organisation at our first AGM in March 2015.

"It is the robust and appropriate systems and procedures that were adopted following that AGM that have revealed the discrepancies concerned."

Natalie McGarry, the SNP Glasgow East MP co-founded the Women for Independence group in 2012.

Following the independence referendum, the group campaign for constitutional change and on women’s issues.

The statement added: "Women for Independence has been and is supported by hundreds of women and men who have donated to our work.

We know that those people will share our profound disappointment that this situation has arisen.

"The situation we have referred to the police for further inquiry is serious.

"But we want to stress to our supporters that appropriate, robust and transparent controls are now in place to protect any monies donated to WFI now or in the future.

"We hope that our members and supporters are reassured that Women for Independence have acted promptly and taken the appropriate steps.

"We will be making no further public comment on this matter until the police have conducted their investigations."