Senior Labour MPs are calling for Jeremy Corbyn's resignation after accusing him of acting like 'the Fuhrer' over his opposition to air strikes in Syria.

Shadow Cabinet members reacted with fury last night and claimed Corbyn had “broke collective agreement and responsibility” after he wrote to Labour MPs, saying he did not believe the Prime Minister had made a “convincing case” to meet the crucial test that bombing IS in Syria would strengthen national security.

David Cameron urged MPs to back air strikes in Syria as he set out his case for carrying out the bombings yesterday.

It has been reported that a parliamentary vote on military action could take place as soon as next week.

Senior Labour MPs have now urged Corbyn to quit over the split between himself and his Shadow Cabinet.

John Spellar, who served in Tony Blair's Cabinet, warned Corbyn not to act like 'the Fuhrer'

He told BBC Radio 5 Live: "What we are seeing here is an attempted coup by Jeremy Corbyn and the people around him in the bunker, trying to take over the party.

"It's unacceptable.

"How does Jeremy Corbyn and his small group of tiny Trots in the bunker think that they've got the unique view on it all? It's absolutely right for him to put that view in the shadow cabinet, it's right for them to discuss it.

"They thought that they were going away to resume that discussion on Monday, he's now trying to pre-empt that and whip up a storm inside the party. It is as I say, unacceptable.

"They should not resign, they should hold on to those places. If anyone should resign after this incident, it should be Jeremy Corbyn."

Fiona Mactaggart MP said Corbyn's leadership was 'unsustainable'.

She told BBC Radio Berkshire: "He hasn't got a strategy to lead the party from where it is to where it needs to be and the people of the country can see that.

"I think that (Corbyn quitting) would be a sensible strategy because I think that the division at the moment is causing real problems."