The SNP warned that Scotland was being "dragged into a war with no exit strategy" after MPs overwhelmingly backed air strikes against Islamic State in Syria.

SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said: “Today, Scotland has been dragged into a war with no exit strategy.

“Tonight the UK parliament gave the green light to continue a complex and deadly conflict without a comprehensive plan for peace and reconstruction.

“Despite 72 per cent of Scots being opposed, and the vast majority of Scottish MPs voting against, we will likely see planes deployed from Lossiemouth to drop bombs on the region. In normal circumstances, in a normal country, the armed forces would not be deployed."


He questioned whether the UK Government had answered queries on plans for reconstruction of Syria and David Cameron's claim of 70,000 moderate Syrian ground fighters.

He said: “We are all committed to destroying Daesh – it is about how best we do that. David Cameron has neither answered the questions about where the 70,000 ground forces are coming from, or given an insight into any plan on how to stabilise and rebuild the region.

“The UK Government is going to have a huge problem with legitimacy and mandate for this operation in Syria from the people of Scotland.

"Quite simply the case for bombing Syria has not been made.’’