EX-footballer Stan Collymore has become the newest member of the SNP after Westminster MPs voted to go to war.

The former Liverpool striker announced the move in a series of angry Tweets last night, following the Commons vote on Syria.

Posting on the social networking site, he tweeted a screen shot of an email confirming his membership of the SNP, and said: "Done. No more Tories infiltrating the grand old party of working people anymore. Time to change."

He later added that he felt the Labour MPs who voted in favour of extending airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria were "frankly a disgrace" and said Jeremy Corbyn was a "good man" who would be "picking knives from his back soon"

An SNP spokesman said: "It is no surprise that people are leaving the Labour Party and joining the SNP after the House of Commons voted for air strikes. With Labour bitterly divided, the SNP are providing the only united and credible opposition to military action in Syria.

"We are all committed to destroying Daesh but the UK Government has failed to make the case for air strikes. Despite the opposition of SNP MPs, the House of Commons gave the green light to intensifying an already complex and brutal conflict without a comprehensive plan for peace and reconstruction.

"The SNP will continue to hold the UK Government to account on this issue to help ensure the UK does not repeat the mistakes of the past. We suspect that many people in Scotland, and across the UK, will support us in this goal."