THE last known bottle of a whisky made for Billy Connolly will sit alongside his banana boots and guitar after being donated to Glasgow’s People’s Palace.

Nippy Sweetie, a miniature bottle of the distilled alcoholic drink made especially for the Big Yin, was given to Glasgow Museums by global whisky firm Douglas Laing and Co.

The limited edition Scotch whisky, blended and bottled by the Glasgow-based family company, was sold at the comedian’s early concerts and features a picture of the star on the label.

Inspired by the Art Of Billy Connolly exhibition currently on show at the People’s Palace, Fred Laing, managing director of the whisky firm, decided to donate the quirky artefact to Glasgow’s collection for the public to see.

Mr Laing said the whisky gave him a “feeling of nostalgia”.

He said: “Back in the 70s – when I first joined the family business – my father and I bottled this blended whisky for the Big Yin.

“It was sold at his shows by the lady who also sold the ice creams, and we proudly believe it was as synonymous with Billy as his beard and trademark hairdo.

“We’re delighted to donate this piece of Glasgow history – our only remaining bottle of Nippy Sweetie – to the collection and can only hope it proves to be something of a conversation piece for his fans.”

The Nippy Sweetie was produced in the 1970s, around the time Connolly was selling out venues in his home city.

The Art Of Billy Connolly exhibition runs at the People’s Palace until February 18.