POLICE Scotland is investigating claims a Labour councillor asked for a six-figure sum from a developer to ensure his planning application was approved.

The councillor, who this newspaper has chosen not to name, denies the allegation.

The corruption investigation is believed to have been triggered after a businessman put in a formal complaint to the police.

He alleges that the councillor asked for the sum, believed to be around £200,000, at several meetings held to discuss a now historic planning issue.

The businessman has also alleged that a former council employee was involved and acted as the middleman in the proposed deal.

He also claims to have witnesses who heard the councillor ask for money.

The businessman states that he refused to make the payment and, after years of stalling, the planning application was eventually passed.

However, he claims that approval of the application was too late for the project to proceed profitably.

The council, which the Sunday Herald cannot name for legal reasons, is believed to have considered and rejected a similar complaint.

A source close to the councillor, speaking on behalf of the politician, said: “The councillor refutes these allegations.”

The insider added that the councillor had had “no contact” with the police.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said "We can confirm a complaint has been received and the matter is currently under investigation."