The Clyde-built QE2 is “highly unlikely” to return to Scotland, according to the working group set up to establish if the cruise liner could be brought back home.

The vessel is currently in Dubai, where developers have denied claims it will be scrapped and insisted plans are in place for its future.

A working group, chaired by Riverside Inverclyde’s chief executive Aubrey Fawcett, has now investigated the prospects for the QE2, which was built in Clydebank and fitted out in Greenock.

Mr Fawcett said: “It is becoming clear that bringing the QE2 back to Scotland is highly unlikely to happen.

“The working group has, through the Dubai offices of Scottish Development International, established contacts with the owners of the ship.

"We have also written directly to the owners seeking clarity on the state of the ship and whether she is for sale. No direct response has been forthcoming.

“Consequently, we must conclude it is highly unlikely that Scotland features in the future plans for the vessel.

“We are heartened to hear through media sources linked to the Dubai owners a commitment that QE2 is not destined to be scrapped and that there are plans in place.

“While it is disappointing those plans do not include the option of bringing her back home to the Clyde, we can take heart that we have shone a spotlight on to the vessel and her current condition.”