SHE was spotted by a talent scout while shopping in Glasgow and went on to take the modelling world by storm.

Now Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide, who was born to Nigerian parents in the Wester Hailes housing scheme in Edinburgh, will be seen in a galaxy far, far away after landing a small role in the next Star Wars film.

She could also be immortalised as one of the sci-fi franchise's actions figures or star in a video game based on the series.

Olumide's part is in Rogue One, a spin-off to the new Star Wars trilogy, about spies who capture plans to the Death Star. It is set before the start of the original films.

Olumide, 28, told how she travelled to Pinewood Studios and spent days on set dodging explosions and dressing up in the outlandish costumes for the film.

At the St Enoch Centre in Glasgow yesterday, where she was promoting a recycling initiative run by Zero Waste Scotland, she said: "It was an absolutely amazing experience and a bit like being on another world. When you go on to the set it's absolutely massive and all around you, like stepping onto another planet.

"I did not get any lines, but I got to wear this really outlandish costume and run through a bar while a tank comes after us. The about 20 stormtroopers pile out and there's lots of explosions. I have this sort of mushroom on my head. A bit ironic, seeing as I'm a model."

The crew took 3D scans of Eunice, which were entered into the Lucasarts archive, which could lead to her character becoming an action boy. "That feels really weird," she added.

The supermodel is also to appear in the film adaptation of TV show Absolutely Fabulous alongside Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley.

She was promoting Zero Waste Scotland's Pass it On Week between 5 and 13 March, which aims to encourage people not to keep product such as clothing in circulation, reducing damage to the environment.