He's known for his Euroscepticism but now David Coburn has revealed a more unusual reason for wanting to leave the EU... it's ruining his breakfast.

The UKIP MEP told his Twitter followers this morning that problems with his toaster meant he was struggling to enjoy his toast and marmalade.

He then thanked the EU for the problems with his kitchen implement.

When asked if he had checked the dial was set properly, the Scots politician confirmed 'it is switched up to maximum'.

His tweet caused confusion on Twitter, with many telling the MEP that buying a new toaster should solve his predicament.

In 2014, consumers snapped up vacuum cleaners before a new EU law banning those rated above 1,600 watts came into effect.

The new EU energy label meant manufacturers were not be able to make or import vacuum cleaners with a motor that exceeds 1,600 watts from September 1 2014, with restrictions being extended to 900 watts by 2017.