A chilli company has given Easter a Scottish twist with its new range of chocolate eggs featuring Buckfast, Irn-Bru and whisky.

Chillilicious sells products made from peppers grown by its founders Stacey Galfskly and her mum Tricia at their chilli farm in Ceres, Fife.

The firm has now added some uniquely Scottish ingredients to its chilli dark chocolate just in time for Easter.

However, the eggs, which cost £9.95, has caused a stir, with SNP MP Roger Mullin receiving criticism from the Church of Scotland after he told his Twitter followers 'it's great'.

A Buckfast chocolate is also available as a bar for £4.

Mr Mullin tweeted: Enjoying an imaginative product made in #Fife: Buckfast and chilli flavoured dark chocolate. Honest. It's great."

However, a Church of Scotland spokesperson told The Sun: "Combining Buckfast with Easter is not a marriage made in heaven. Easter is a special time of year and we would urge people not to lose sight of that in the rush to promote products which could send the wrong message to our children."

Other chocolates sold by Chillilicious include whisky and an Irn-Bru and bacon combo.

The Fife firm said the Buckfast chocolate and egg uses flavourings and does not contain any alcohol.

Ms Galfskly told The Sun: "The eggs are joke-based, just a bit of fun and not to be taken too seriously. It's just tasty chocolate."

An SNP spokesperson said: "Roger was promoting a product made by a local small business.

"I'm sure the company will be glad another politician has joined him in raising their profile."