A LEADING Tory councillor is facing calls to stand down after being forced to apologise for retweeting a far-right and Islamophobic social media account.

Mary Kilpatrick, the deputy provost of South Ayrshire Council, has been the subject of complaints to her authority senior management after backing attacks on fasting during Ramadan and calls to outlaw Muslim veils.retweeting posts from an account called Ban The Burka.

Mrs Kilpatrick, a councillor since 1999, has been reprimanded by Tory Party bosses retweeting posts from an account called Ban The Burka. 

The party said it had issued a reminder to all its elected representatives and candidates over online behaviour following the civic leader's posts.

One of her retweets from the Ban the Burka account read: "Absolutely ridiculous that exams are being pushed back for Ramadan. Children should not be fasting in the first place."

The Herald: Another post she shared from the account, which itself retweets endorsements from former English Defence League boss Tommy Robinson, read: "I don't have anything against the headscarf. It's not a security risk. The burka speaks for itself. #bantheburka." 

She also retweeted an petition from the account calling for the veil to be banned.

A Tory spokesman said: "Mary apologises for any upset her retweets have caused. In addition we have issued reminders to all elected representatives and candidates to act responsibly when using social media."

But one SNP MSP has said Mrs Kilpatrick is no longer fit to hold her office.

South of Scotland MSP Chic Brodie said: "She has besmirched the town of Ayr. In the role she has as depute provost she cannot go around making remarks like this. They are not in sympathy with society and she should not be holding the position she holds if that's how she feels."

The Herald:

Valerie Andrews, South Ayrshire Council’s executive director of resources, governance and organisation, said: “We’re aware of concerns raised regarding social media activity by an elected member. 

"The Commissioner for Ethical Standards in Public Life in Scotland is responsible for dealing with any complaints regarding councillors. We would always encourage all elected members, as well as our employees, to use social media responsibly.”

It comes as UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall said a blanket ban on the full face veil was “long overdue”.