THE Conservatives have called for an official investigation and “full disclosure” from the SNP about how one Nationalist politician used tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money to pay another Nationalist politician’s company for staffing services.

The SNP swiftly hit back, insisting there was no wrong-doing and that both politicians had acted fully within parliamentary rules.

It was reported that Chic Brodie, the former SNP MSP, had over time paid almost £88,000 from his Holyrood expenses to Caledonii Resources for contract staff. The company, set up in 2010, is 90 per cent owned by his SNP colleague Corri Wilson, who is MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock.

According to Ms Wilson’s entry in the register of MPs’ interests Caledonii Resources, described as an “event management and business support” company, ceased trading on May 8 2015 ie the day after the General Election.

Mr Brodie, who since 2011 has been the Nationalist list MSP for South of Scotland – he failed to secure the constituency seat in Ayr – and is a candidate for May’s Holyrood election, explained that he paid the company for “outsourced contract staff” to do constituency casework and arrange meetings for him. Most MSPs and MPs employ their own staff rather than use contract workers.

In 2013 when Mr Brodie was listed as the highest-claiming list MSP, he insisted he was able to justify every penny, describing his expenses as “pristine clean”. He explained that he used contract staffing because it was “cost-effective and gives me plenty of expertise”.

When last year the use of Ms Corri’s company by her SNP colleague was raised by a political opponent, Mr Brodie stressed everything was above board, saying: “The business agreement between Corri Wilson and myself was approved by parliamentary lawyers and was terminated when she announced her candidacy.”

But John Lamont, the Scottish Tory chief whip, an MSP since 2007 and who is again a candidate in Ettrick, Roxburgh and Berwickshire, said: "At the very least, we need an urgent investigation by the authorities and full disclosure from the SNP.

“For the party to fail to respond to questions on this is appalling. As always with the SNP, they complain the loudest about imagined grievances, but then shut up shop when it comes to themselves,” he added.

An SNP spokesman said: “All MSPs require staffing to support their work for constituents, including undertaking casework and administrative duties. Both Chic Brodie and Corri Wilson have acted entirely in line with parliamentary rules."

Asked about the Tory Party’s call for an investigation, the party HQ declined to comment.

Neither Mr Brodie nor Ms Wilson was available for comment yesterday.