THE producer behind some of the latest DC Comic films has let slip plans to film in Scotland.

Deborah Snyder said that filming had started on the follow up to the latest DC Comics movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which is currently showing in cinemas.

The follow-up, Justice League:Part One, starts filming on Monday at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire.

Snyder is one part of the creative duo behind the string of upcoming DC comic films alongside director husband Zack.

She told film website Collider: "We start Justice League April 11th and that is at Leavesden, mostly on stage and some locations around there as well as Iceland and I think a beat in Scotland at the end of the schedule."

The film could bring a boost to the country's economy, with the film industry already bringing in more than £30million a year.

Recently, Hollywood blockbusters like Brad Pitt's World War Z, and Cloud Atlas, starring Halle Berry, have been filmed in Glasgow, while other superhero films Captain America and the Dark Knight Rises have had scenes shot in Fife and Inverness respectively.

Warner Brothers, the firm behind the DC Comic franchise, told the Sunday Mail they couldn't add further to the comments.